Sunday, February 28, 2016

The cheapest way from Tehran to Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKIA)

Now it usually costs 50~70 thousands toman (500,000~700,000 rial) by taxi. this is relatively expensive comparing to other prices in Iran.

In brief, the cheapest way is to take the van to Parand town (Shahrak-e Prand) and get down at the front of the Airport. Thanks to Ramin, my Iranian friend.
*this is the information of 24th Feb. 2016

1. take line 1(red) metro to Shahed Station. In the front of the entrance of Shahed station, there is the taxi station. Disregard taxi drivers and find the van to Parand. this costs 36,000 (17' Apr.)30,000 rial per each person.

2. Get down at the front of airport. You can get to the entrance through the parking.


When you want to go to city center, you can take the van from Parand at the other side of road because some passengers get down at the Airport. Or, you can go to Parand and go back to shahed station.

Of cauese, this way is limited in metro working time
A driver said that to take taxi to airport costs 200,000 rial at Shahed station. this is also cheaper than other parts of Tehran.

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